Xiaomi Mi6 Image Leaks Reveal the Flagship to Have Bigger Screen Percentage Than Galaxy S8


Are you impressed with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+? That high screen-to-body ratio is certainly impressive, isn’t it? Well it looks like Xiaomi is working on its competitor, and according to the two leaked images that you are about to see, the Mi6 could have an even higher screen-to-body ratio when pitted against the Galaxy S8. It definitely cannot be compared to Mi Mix, but then again, which phone can?

Images of the Xiaomi Mi6 Show a Vertically Stacked Dual-Lens Camera and Looks That Could Kill

Flagship phones are getting more attractive by the second and it looks like Xiaomi might have an ace up its sleeve after all. The company is expected to release two models, the Mi6 and the Mi6 Plus, and according to previously leaked hardware specifications, both phones are expected to feature a Full HD display and a Snapdragon 835. There has hardly been any information provided regarding the designs of both devices, but according to leaks uncovered from MyDrivers, it looks like you guys should have a better idea of how the device is going to look now.

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One of the features that we are excited for is the dual-camera. Not only does the Mi6 feature two camera lenses at the rear side of its shell, but they have been configured vertically instead of horizontally. This could aid in snapping images with a shallow depth of field without blurring bits of the focused object because according to my experience, I have been getting that on my iPhone 7 Plus, which features a horizontally mounted dual-camera.

The screen-to-body ratio is also depicted to be extremely high, and the part where you will see the most amount of bezels is the top, where the front camera lens and speaker grill are present. We have never seen a device from Xiaomi quite like this and it will certainly give both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ a run for their money.

Let us see what pricing strategy the company uses to sell more devices to users.

How do you feel about these leaked images showcasing the Mi6? Are you thoroughly impressed? Let us know your thoughts right away.