Xiaomi Mi5 Has Been Tipped To Come With A Disappointing Chipset – Read All The Details Here


After all the nice things that we have been hearing about Xiaomi Mi5, the latest hardware tip that we have received has hit us right in the gut because it is the most disappointing thing that we have ever come across concerning an upcoming flagship smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi5 To Come With A Snapdragon 810 Chipset – Could Be Announced Next Month

According to Chinese microblogging website Weibo, Xiaomi Mi5 is going to be coming with a Snapdragon 810 running inside it. While this is disappointing to hear, we have still managed to put on a happy face because of the previous leaks that we have reported. Starting off, seeing that Mi Note Pro already sports the 20nm SoC, it would only be fitting that Mi5 would come with a Snapdragon 820, though we are not sure that this is going to be possible until 2016.

We had also reported that Xiaomi Mi5 was going to be released in two chipset models; one was going to have a Snapdragon 810, while the other would sport a Snapdragon 820. Obviously, both models are going to feature a hefty price difference, and there was another leak suggesting that the starting price of the handset was going to be a very competitive one, and will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on smartphone OEMs to roll out better successors for their current generation flagships.

According to tbreak, the chipset models are going to be only differences separating Xiaomi Mi5. The rest of the hardware is going to be the same. Starting off, the handset will have 4GB of RAM and apart from the RAM, the smartphone is going to have a 16MP rear camera sensor that will definitely be able to record 4K videos and will be supplemented by a 5MP front shooter.

We suspect that the screen size is going to be 5.3 inches, which will be radiating a resolution of 1440p. Since it is a flagship smartphone, do not expect a MicroSD card slot to be present inside Xiaomi Mi5, or a removable battery for that matter. However, what you can expect is a killer price tag that will most likely put current generation flagship smartphones’ prices to shame.

We will wait for more leaks to come through to confirm whether or not Xiaomi Mi5 is going to come in a Snapdragon 820 variant of not. For now, what do you guys think of the hardware present inside the smartphone? Impressive or not, let us know your thoughts.