Upcoming Xiaomi Laptop Will Be Coming In Two Processor Models – Will Most Likely Be Released Globally


There has been a lot of talk about Xiaomi producing a laptop and thanks to the latest leak that we have come across, the company’s is going to be launching its very first notebook that will be available to purchase in not one, but two processor models.

Xiaomi Laptop Will Be Available To Purchase In Intel’s Core i5 And Core i7 Processor Models

According to Chinese microblogging website Weibo, Xiaomi is going to be releasing two laptop models that will be available to purchase in not one, but two Intel processor models; Core i5 and Core i7. Previously, we believed that in order to maintain the notebook’s affordability while keeping a healthy profit margin, Xiaomi would resort to incorporating smartphone SoCs, but it looks like the rising Chinese smartphone OEM is going the extra mile by incorporating Intel’s mobile processors.

The leak did not care to state which processor family is going to be present in the laptop, but we are pretty confident that both Core i5 and Core i7 will belong to Intel’s 14nm Skylake lineup of mobile processors. The only question is, which model is the company looking to incorporate it is upcoming mobile machine. According to what we posted previously, Xiaomi, with the help of Inventec, is going to begin producing notebooks from 2016, and they will rival Apple’s MacBook lineup in terms of their overall thickness.

There was a rumor suggesting that these laptops are going to be running Linux instead of Windows, but we believe that a more resourceful option would be to run Windows 10. It is expected that the screen size of the company’s product will be 15 inches, and its price will start from CNY 2,999, which is equivalent to $471. The machine going to take on other products that are priced in between CNY 4,000-6,000, which is equal to $629.30-$943.95. If this pricing model is actually followed by Xiaomi, then Lenovo is going to suffer the most, seeing as how it is the largest PC and notebook manufacturer in the world.

The Core i7 model is definitely going to be more expensive, but looking at the company’s successful business model, we are confident that it is going to be highly affordable compared to its upcoming competition. If a Xiaomi laptop is actually released, would you proceed to go out and purchase one? Let us know what you think.