XCOM 2 Season Pass, Deluxe Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed


Some new details have emerged about all of the goodies for XCOM 2. Of course there will be pre-order bonuses, a deluxe edition and post-launch content in the form of a season pass. All of which will add real gameplay content and of course unique in-game items.

The pre-order is strong with XCOM 2, but it might actually be worth it.

When XCOM 2 is released in February they'll have a standard and a deluxe edition for $59.99 and $74.99 respectively. The deluxe edition will include three expansion packs that'll come out throughout 2016. If you initially buy the standard edition, you'll be able to upgrade to the deluxe by buying the Reinforcement Pack for $19.99.

There will be different expansion packs throughout 2016. The first one is called Anarchy's Children, and will be available in the spring of 2016 with more customization options for your characters.

In the summer of 2016 they'll come out with Alien Hunters, which will add a new story element, letting you hunt down some new ruler aliens with a few new weapons and more ways to customize your soldiers and a few new weapons to help seek out and destroy the new alien overlords.

The last expansion pack is being called Shen's Last Gift and is also set for a summer of 2016 release date. This expansion will bring a new map with a new mission and more weapons, armor and soldier customization's.

And the incentives for pre-ordering include a unique Survivor of the Old War soldier and unique customization options that otherwise won't be available in game.