xCloud And Cloud Gaming Will Not Bring The Death Of Consoles, Microsoft Corporate VP Of Gaming Cloud Says


Microsoft has recently revealed additional details on xCloud, which will allow players to enjoy Xbox games on a variety of devices, including smartphones, through streaming. While cloud gaming is definitely revolutionary in many ways, it will hardly bring the death of consoles as we know them, according to Microsoft corporate VP of gaming cloud Kareem Choudhry.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Kareem Choudhry revealed that Microsoft doesn't see xCloud as an alternative to consoles, as the premium experience will still be with them. Cloud gaming, in general, it's an "and" conversation, not an "or" conversation, so consoles are hardly going to die due to it.

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It's not that extreme at all! I've been building consoles for 15 years - we're not getting out of the console business, we spoke about it in our xCloud videos. We love our consoles, we love that business, and we're super proud to have the most powerful console out on the market place today and that leadership position we hope to retain going foward. And I also believe your best premium experience is going to be dedicated hardware running under your TV in your living room. It's an 'and' conversation, not an 'or' conversation. Everyone loves to jump to the death of consoles, and I think it makes a great headline, but we don't think that way at all.

More information on xCloud can be found on the official Xbox website.

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