Xbox’s Spencer “Fully Expects” There Will Be A Next Xbox Gen; “100% Committed” To Making This Gen, Best Ever


Microsoft's Phil Spencer fully expects that there will be another Xbox 'generation' after the Xbox One. According to him, the Xbox is Microsoft's most important gaming product.

Spencer said this on Twitter recently, after Spencer was asked whether Microsoft was moving away from consoles. The head of the Xbox gaming division, reassured fans that the Xbox team is 100% committed to making this generation, Microsoft's best so far.

Back in January of this year, Microsoft announced Windows 10 integration for the Xbox One, which will allow Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 devices. Apart from game streaming to PC, certain Xbox One titles will be heading over to PC as well - Fable Legends and Gears Of War Ultimate Edition will both be released for PC.

Although Spencer comments that he gets that some seem to worry, the Xbox head points out that players shouldn't worry, as the current line-up for 2015, the new Xbox One interface, Halo 5, and backwards compatibility, are all good examples of the team's focus on the console. Spencer adds that more is coming in 2016.

Microsoft's entry in the eight generation of videogame consoles, turns two this year. The console had a rough start, but has been gaining momentum for quite some time now. The questions remains, how many consoles Microsoft will be able to sell before the end of this generation. Timeframes for the console generations, have become shorter with almost every generation, and it's uncertain how long the current consoles will last. Although this remains speculation, Phil Spencer has stated that he fully expects that the Xbox brand will be present in the next generation of gaming.

How long do you think this generation will last? Will we see cloud gaming, or dedicated consoles? Leave a comment below.