will undergo some nip/tuck for WP7. which is the official site of the XBOX 360 where owners of the console can go and add changes to their gamer profile and buy games for the XBOX live accounts, but with the recent release of Windows Phone 7 Microsoft is planning on adding many features to the site which will definitely please people who own a Windows Phone 7 and an XBOX 360, you can now edit your avatar from your web browser which is a pretty good feature for starters and along with the customizable avatar you can also expect there to be integration between your Windows Phone 7 and your XBOX live games, you can now enjoy your XBOX live games with your friends (Certain games though not all) and go on a gaming frenzy with the help of Windows Phone 7, WP 7 will have all your profile data including avatar, achievements, friends list etc.

The features are pretty neat and very useful to those of us who are addicted to handheld gaming. Although Microsoft did announce XBOX live integration with WP7 as a perk before the release of the phone they didn't mention that the site would undergo changes to make this possible. Kudos to Microsoft for such an effort.

Source: EnGadget

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