Xbox Series X/S Getting New 512 GB and 2 TB SSD Expansion Options

Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards

One of the most welcome features of the Xbox Series X/S is the ability to easily add more solid-state drive capacity with simple plug-and-play expansion cards. Unfortunately, thus far there hasn’t been much (or any) choice when it comes to these cards – a $220 Seagate 1 TB SSD Expansion Card is your only option at the moment. Thankfully, that’s about to change.

Microsoft has announced that 512 GB and 2 TB Seagate SSD Expansion Cards will be available this holiday season. The 512 GB card will offer a bit of a price break, as it will only cost $140. Meanwhile, the 2 TB card is only for you high rollers, as it will cost $400 – a hundred bucks more than an Xbox Series S!

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Xbox Game Pass has made it possible for Xbox gamers to have a library of games at their very fingertips. Between Game Pass and four generations of game compatibility on Xbox Series X|S, there are thousands of games to choose from and play. With so many games available, we want to ensure there are also options when it comes to storage capacity and support to expand next-gen storage.

At the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Designed for Xbox announced the close collaboration with Seagate to expand next-gen storage with the 1 TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card. Designed for Xbox has collaborated with Seagate once again, and we’re excited to announce 512 GB and 2 TB Storage Expansion Cards for Xbox Series X|S will be available soon in all Xbox markets.

The Seagate 512 GB Storage Expansion Card can be pre-ordered now and will launch sometime in mid November. Meanwhile, Seagate 2 TB Storage Expansion Card pre-orders will open up in November ahead of a December launch. What do you think? Planning to grab either of these new expansion options?

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