Xbox Series X Price “Important,” But Microsoft Isn’t Focusing on Unit Sales This Year

Nathan Birch
Xbox Series X reveal event

Microsoft is launching the Xbox Series X this year, but given the current state of the world, some have questioned the timing. Will people really be interested in buying an expensive new console in the midst of a pandemic, recession, and widespread political and social turmoil? Well, in a new interview with the BBC, Phil Spencer seemed to acknowledge that the Xbox Series X may not be a massive seller in 2020, and according to him, that’s okay.

We want to make sure we're providing the right value to customers. Price is going to be important, but our strategy is centred around the player, not the device. If this is not the year when a family wants to make a decision to buy a new Xbox, that's okay. Our strategy does not revolve around how many Xboxes I sell this year.

As part of their player-centered strategy, Spencer is hoping to make gaming on Xbox platforms as affordable as possible…

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And we are a leisure activity. We're not a requirement. We're not food. We're not shelter. So we want to be really tuned in to that as we launch. How can we make it as affordable as possible? How can we give buyers choice?

We've got an Xbox All Access subscription programme that allows people to buy their next console by paying a monthly charge. […] And through technologies like smart delivery, you can buy your games and know that when you buy the next console, your games will move with you, to allow consumers to make the choice that's right for them.

It’s certainly nice to see Microsoft rolling with the punches and thinking of their customer’s finances, and who knows, it may pay off for them in the long-term if the economic downturn drags on. That said, it will be interesting to see how…everything going on right now effects the new consoles. What do you think? Will many people be ponying up for new hardware this year?

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