Lay Waste to your Enemies in Action/Strategy Hybrid Siegecraft Commander

The hybrid mash-up of action and strategy, Siegecraft, is getting a new addition to the franchise. Siegecraft Commander takes things to the next level

More Siegecraft is on the way with console and PC versions coming Q1 2016

Siegecraft (the OG and Siegecraft Commander) is very interesting in how it combines PVP action with a strategic flair to it. You must vie for the taking control of the map by growing your assets while also engaging in some pretty spectacular battles up close and personal. Players battle each other by spawning units or firing projectiles from towers. New towers can be created by flinging what is essentially the seed of a new structure, which sprouts upon landing and connects a wall between the new tower and the one that launched its seed.

You can play however you'd like, either quickly attack an opponent's base, or adopt a more defensive strategy by fortifying your own buildings. The best option it would seem is to maintain a good balance of offense and defense. Strategies will be influenced by which of the two sides in the conflict players select. Both factions that you can play will be familiar to fans of Siegecraft: the defense-heavy knights, and the more offensive Lizardmen, each with their own set of buildings and units and pros and cons.

"With every Siegecraft title, we are focused on bringing something distinct to the strategy genre. With Siegecraft Commander we set out to create an action-strategy hybrid with intuitive gameplay, cross-platform support, and above all, competitive multiplayer combat,"

- Benjamin Lee, CEO, Blowfish Studios.

This action-strategy hybrid will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Windows and Nvidia SHIELD in Q1 2016. Cross-platform multiplayer will be introduced, but only between the Xbox One and the PC.

Siegecraft Commander
Siegecraft Commander
Siegecraft Commander
Siegecraft Commander
Siegecraft Commander



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