Xbox Scarlett VR May Be In The Works, New Patents Suggest


VR for the Xbox Scarlett console may be in the works, recently unearthed patents suggest.

Twitter user WalkingCat recently discovered two US patents from Microsoft that describe a six-degrees-of-freedom input device as well as a virtual reality floor mat activity region. The accompanying images show a boundary mat, stylus, motion controllers, a VR headset and Xbox Kinect camera.

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While some of these may have not gone beyond the research and development phase, this could indicate that Microsoft is working on VR for the Xbox Scarlett. This wouldn't be too surprising, considering Sony is surely going to offer VR with the PlayStation 5 and that Phil Spencer stated multiple times that they are interested in VR technology for Xbox consoles.

Last week, it's been confirmed that the Xbox Scarlett console is not going to feature a 4K camera, contrary to reports that said the console's devkit came with one. The same report stated that the PlayStation 5 will also come with a camera, but Sony hasn't released a statement on the matter yet.

The Xbox Scarlett is also going to feature dedicated ray tracing cores.

We don’t have anything to announce right now in terms of Gears with the new hardware–but I’m definitely super excited about what the new hardware could do. Having dedicated ray tracing cores is huge.

The Xbox Scarlett releases next year worldwide. We will keep you updated on the console as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.