Microsoft: Xbox One X to Run Out of Stock Everywhere At Launch, Samsung Partnership and More

Rajesh Vishwakarma
Xbox One

Recently during an exclusive broadcast on Mixer, Aaron Greenberg, director of marketing for Xbox, spoke about the expectations that the company has around the sales of the Xbox One X, about the new attitude that the whole team of the brand has and revealed some details about the alliance they have struck with Samsung to promote the most powerful console along with models of QLED TV.

In relation to the demand that there is for the Xbox One X, the director invited users to get one as soon as possible because the expectation of Microsoft at the moment is that the product will run out of stock everywhere at launch.

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On the other hand, the marketing director of Microsoft ensured that the Xbox team is highly motivated and have a "hungry" attitude for this new launch because they have great things planned related to games, innovation, broadcasts (via Mixer), Xbox LIVE service and accessories. He also mentioned that they are always thinking ahead and on their next step.

Finally, Greenberg referred to the recent announcement of the alliance between Xbox and Samsung where the Korean company will promote the new Microsoft console everywhere, including its different types of announcements and commercial for various media.

Thus, if a potential customer asks which console should accompany their Samsung 4K TV, the company will recommend the Xbox One X; in addition, the director confirmed that both companies are working to have their respective products do the best to optimize the 4K and take advantage of the advertising campaign.

In the same way, Xbox will be responsible for recommending Samsung QLED TV models as the best option for the Xbox One X and, starting with PAX West 2017, console test stations will include the South Korean company's TVs.

Xbox One X, the new console by Microsoft, will debut on November 7th.

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