Microsoft: Xbox One X Is Not A Half Step Or A New Generation

Rajesh Vishwakarma
Xbox One X

Xbox One X continues to generate doubts related to the niche market it points to, or the type of player for whom the console was created.

However, Microsoft has made a clear definition about its new console and although there are questions on the outside about what the console represents within the traditional scheme of hardware launch in the industry, the company simply considers it as one more option for the market. This is according to Albert Penello, director of marketing for Xbox.

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In an interview by WhatsGoodGames, Albert Penello was questioned regarding the appreciation that Xbox One X will have once it is available in the market and the possibility that it will create confusion in the holiday season to those buyers who do not know a lot about video games.

In that sense, Penello replied: "How do I make grandma not have to figure out what game to buy? No one should feel dumb in this transition. Buy a game that says Xbox One on it, and it doesn’t matter what console, it’s 100% compatible. Buy an accessory that says Xbox One, it’s going to work. These were all questions we had to wrestle with which meant we had to shed a lot of traditional console generation thinking".

In addition to that idea, the Xbox executive was asked about what Xbox One X means for the industry in terms of a console generation, whether it was to be considered as a mid-point or a generational change, to which Penello replied in the following way:

It’s its own thing! It’s a new thing. That’s what I think is cool about it. If you step outside the console, people are faced with choice on literally everything in life. Why is there a 4 cylinder, a 6 cylinder, and an 8 cylinder if you’re a car guy? Why are there 2 washing machines? Why are there phones that are a different sizes? Most people figure out what their value is for what they want to spend. It’s only consoles that have lived in this very fixed, singular consumer electronics mode, and that’s why I don’t think it’s going to be as confusing for people as the industry is making it out to be. I think people will be able to figure out where they care about tech, where they are with price, and what is important to them with gaming. They’re going to be able to make a decision.

Our job was to then make it super simple after that, for games, for Xbox Live, and for upgrading.

In recent news, Aaron Greenberg recently stated that Microsoft is planning to show and explain the Xbox One X supersampling to the public before launching the console in the market.

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