Xbox One Needs to Pack 330% ‘First Month Sales of Xbox 360’ in One Day to match PS4

Usman Pirzada

PS4's massive sales are making headlines all over the gaming sphere. Statistically speaking If Xbox wants to catch up and not loose the sales race, it needs 330% the amount of First Month Xbox 360 Sales packed into One Day.

PS4 Packed 5 Times First Month Sales (PS3) in One Day - Xbox One needs to do the same by 3.3 Times to Play Catch Up

Think thats a tall order? Think again. The PS4 astonishingly packed 500% the amount of First Month PS3 Sales in 24 Hours, going from ~200 000 Units sold in one month (PS3) to ~1 Million Units sold in 24 Hours (PS4). Now the Xbox 360 sold ~330 000 Units in the first month and to match the 1 Million sales figure of the PS4 on Day One (if not exceed) it needs to up its previous score by 330%.

PS3 PS4 First Day First Month SalesHowever increasing your production by 3.3 Times as compared to 5 Times should be easier relatively speaking. Microsoft had a headstart in Xbox 360 but it doesnt in Xbox One. Needless to say the eyes of the world are more watchful than ever. Also theoretically speaking the actual challenge would be to match the PS4 Sales rate. I.e 500%. If Micrsosft Actually manages that, then it will sell an astonishing number of units on Day One.

If Microsoft can match the PS4 Sales Rate the Xbox One will sell 1 650 000 units.

Of course all this is well and good on text, real practicality is something else entirely. Any impressive sounding number crunching translated to real life is worse than useless. However the modern sales graph is an exponentially decreasing function. By definition the first day is the opposite of an average. The first day includes Pre Orders and other variables and Marginal Utility. The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility and tons of other handicaps apply after the first day. To put it in Lay mans terms, the first Day is very important and a major chunk of sales in the foreseeable future and realistically speaking the sales of the first day can never repeated. This is also why you can realistically squeeze an entire months sales in one day. Fingers crossed for 22 November eh?


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