Xbox One Elite Bundle Comes with 1TB SSHD and Xbox Elite Controller


Of course with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 with 1TB of storage, Microsoft is also readying their own upgraded console bundle.

Xbox Elite Console Bundle ups the ante with faster storage and more of it.

The Xbox One Elite Bundle will have the desired larger capacity that we all desire to store the ever increasing game file sizes, but it will also increase the storage speed by being and solid state hybrid HDD with a decent amount of NAND on board for caching. And of course it wouldn't be the Elite bundle if it didn't include the quite expensive, yet strangely useful Xbox One Elite Controller.

Being an SSHD doesn't automatically mean blistering fast speeds, as the latest in SSHD technology only yields around a 9% different in storage speed in real-world benchmarks. Microsoft, however, estimates a 20% increase in storage read and write speeds as a result.

The new Xbox One Elite console Bundle is set to be available November 3rd 2015 for $499.99.