Next Round of Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games Coming ‘Soon’


Soon is a great word, because it's so utterly without any extra context. Soon could mean within the next few hours or it could mean within the next few years, and it would still never be wrong. That why when Microsoft say the next round of backwards compatible games are coming soon, the entire fan base slumps down in their chair and breathes a very long, very knowledgeable sigh.

Thankfully we have a touch of context upon which to hang that rather vague date.

That seems to imply that the Backwards Compatibility list is all but finalised. We also know that this is going to be a monthly thing, so the announcement should come over the coming fortnight - give or take a couple of days.

There's still a handful of announced titles that we're expecting, and fans who were disappointed last month will want to know the whereabouts of games including Black Ops, Skate 3 and the Bioshock franchise.

Xbox One allows you to play Xbox 360 games on your new devices, so long as they've got the go ahead from the original developers. So far the selection has been very mixed, with classic titles getting mixed up with less interesting selections.