“Xbox All Access” Service Reportedly Planned, Will Bundle a Console, Xbox Live, Game Pass

Nathan Birch
Xbox One

Microsoft is taking their subscription infatuation to the next level. Microsoft has been pushing Xbox Game Pass hard this year, adding new-release games like State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves to the service, and now there’s word the company has an even more generous subscription plan in the works.

According to a report from the insiders at Windows Central, Microsoft is planning a new service called Xbox All Access, which will include access to an Xbox One, Xbox Live, and Xbox Game Pass for a reasonable monthly fee. Yup, you read that correctly – hardware is included. Word is, the  Xbox One S package will cost you around $22 a month, while those who want to play on an  Xbox One X will have to pay $35 a month.

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Xbox All Access subscribers will likely have to sign a two-year contract, after which, they’ll own their Xbox One outright. Basically, it’s the cellphone contract model. Crunching the numbers, it seems like Xbox All Access would be a pretty solid deal – the $22 Xbox One S package would cost $528 for two years, while buying your own Xbox One S ($230), and two years of Xbox Live ($120) and Game Pass ($240) would set you back $590.

Per Windows Central, Xbox All Access will likely be announced sometime this month, and launch soon after. For now, it seems Xbox All Access will be a U.S.-only thing, which is why it wasn't announced at Gamescom this week.

What do you think? Are you intrigued by Xbox All Access? Do you think the cellphone contract model has a place in console gaming? Personally, I’m always in favor of more options, especially ones that save people money. I just hope Microsoft doesn’t overplay their hand and decide they’re going all-subscription for their next console – services like Game Pass are a nice option, but they shouldn’t be the only one.

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