Worried That Your Intel Alder Lake CPU Might Bend? Thermalright Has The Perfect Solution For You


Recently, we reported that the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs were prone to bending while placed on the LGA 1700 socket. While users felt there was a defection in the design of the Independent Loading Mechanism, or ILM, by the company, Intel responded that everything is within standard working specifications. The bending is not a design issue. Thermalright recognizes the problem plaguing these chips and has designed a bracket to keep the chip from warping during use. The company also warns users not to modify the ILM less if they want to void their warranty.

Intel Alder Lake CPU's 'In-Spec' bending continues to be an issue, and Thermalright has assisted users by providing a solution

Intel explicitly warns any user not to use additional washers or similar brackets to maintain the shape of the ILM on the Intel Alder Lake CPU. However, this does not stop manufacturers from helping users by providing products to create a solution. Thermalright has designed the LGA1700-BCF, an accessory that fits over the processor to help maintain the shape and limit, if not halt, warping.

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The benefit of Thermalright's LGA1700-BCF bracket is that users and enthusiasts will be able to utilize their Intel Alder Lake CPU, including temperatures spiking to abnormal levels due to bending, for much longer. The bracket allows the chip to maintain its shape, connecting connector pins with the motherboard.

The bracket by Thermalright is created from aluminum and is pictured to be available in either red and gray colors or gray and white colors. However, only the red and gray variant is available via the page on Taobao. Even more interesting is that Taobao is the only location you can get the LGA1700-BCF. The company's website does not offer the product or have a news release promoting the product.

The LGA1700-BCF accessory by Thermalright is available for around $30. However, it is unsure if it will see a release outside of the Chinese marketplace. Viewing the design, other manufacturers could create similar products to take advantage of a necessity by computer users.

If you cannot purchase Thermalright's LGA1700-BCF accessory, some computer users are known to place additional washers directly onto the processor's socket screws to limit or prevent warpage. However, keep in mind that Intel sees this action as qualifying users voiding their warranty.

News Source: Videocardz