World’s First Snapdragon 823 Powered Phone To Be Announced This Month


With all the buzz surrounding Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 823 SoC, the company’s Snapdragon 820 has pretty much been dumped out of the spotlight. We will discuss all the details regarding the SoC, but first, let us talk about the device that is going to be the world’s first to feature a Snapdragon 823.

LeEco Said To Unveil The World’s First Snapdragon 823 Powered Smartphone – Will Be Unveiled This Month 

In terms of manufacturing processes, the Snapdragon 823 and Snapdragon 820 share a similarity of being made on the 14nm FinFET node. According to Chinese media, LeEco is said to be working on an Android powered handset that is going to be announced at Mobile World Congress (yes there is another event that takes place in the year featuring the same name) at Shanghai. This event is going to kick off at the end of this month, from June 29 and goes on till July 1.


Other upgrades present in the smartphone range from an Adreno 530 GPU, an X12 LTE baseband and Cat.12 / 13 LTE modem support. While LeEco could be announcing the world’s first Snapdragon 823 powered handset, this smartphone could possibly be the first to feature 8GB of LPDDR4 RAM coupled with a 25MP camera sensor. Having more RAM will definitely aid the user in tackling a huge load of tasks, but its biggest drawback is power consumption. LeEco will have to be reminded that it has a duty to place in a massive battery in order to keep the phone powered on for at least a day.


As for the clock speeds of Snapdragon 823, the SoC is going to be running the same custom Kryo processor, but it appears that instead of running in the dual-core 2.15GHz and dual-core 1.6GHz configuration, the chipset will be running a processor with slightly higher clock speeds. While this will not necessarily put a Snapdragon 823 at a lot of difference against Snapdragon 820 in terms of performance, we are confident that such performance will not even matter other than obtaining high scores in benchmarking programs.

LeEco also has to keep in mind that a higher clock speed will obviously require a bigger battery capacity so we are keeping our fingers crossed to see what the Chinese manufacturer has got in store for us. Knowing Chinese OEMs, this Snapdragon 823 mobile powerhouse is going to be rocking a pretty affordable price tag in accordance with its specs so are quite interested to see when it’s going to be available to purchase and at what price.