Things You Didn’t Know You Need: the World’s Smallest Native 1080P Full HD Projector, VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro

VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro portable projector

Almost everyone now needs a projector that can go from indoors to outdoors without a fuss. Whether you are a gamer, a hiker, a parent having to frequently plan kids' events, or someone who goes glamping every now and then - we need good projectors to get us through several of these entertainment days. A good projector can make or break any party.

But, one of the biggest pain points with projectors has remained its size, which becomes a major problem when you need to take one outdoors. While the indoor projectors have seen brilliant technology advancements, the outdoor projectors are built like an afterthought. It seems like things are finally going to change...

VANKYO introduces Leisure 470 Pro - 40% smaller than mainstream native 1080p LCD projectors

The VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro is the next generation of mobile entertainment, offering brilliant picture quality through the latest technologies and at an almost miniature size. The company leads the market in the mobile home and outdoor entertainment, but its latest Leisure 470 Pro takes the cake by being the smallest Full HD 1080P LCD projector available on the market.

Not only is the Leisure 470 Pro compact and lightweight, it is equally great at display tech. The optimized display structure and chipset provide stunning Full HD 1080P images in 250 inches, making it the perfect portable companion for outdoor activities.

Leisure 470 Pro Full HD 1090P has brought technology advancements in other areas, too, including upgrading the WiFi network from 2.4G to 5G. Now, you can experience fast and smooth streaming of your favorite content, including live sports and games, directly on your portable indoor-outdoor projector thanks to the Leisure 470 Pro's ultra-fast 5G/2.4G dual-band WiFi technology.

Some of its features include

  • Brightest FHD 1080p projector in its class
    • Native 1920x1080 resolution
    • Input signal: 576i/720P/1080i/1080P
    • Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9/Auto
    • Brightness: 170 Lumens
    • Contrast Ratio: 600:1
  • 2022 Updated 5G WiFi technology
  • Max out the image at 250" or scale down at 39"
  • Extreme compatibility: from Netflix to Hulu to Prime Video to HBO and more!
  • Diffuse Reflection and Anti-Blue Light for a gentle-on-the-eyes experience
  • Ports: HD In x 2 | USB Port x 1 | Audio Out x 1 | AV In x1 | Memory Card Slot x 1
  • Unit Net Weight: Just 1kg! (2.2lbs)

The VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro may be the smallest projector with native 1080P resolution. It may also have ultra-fast 5G WiFi making it the best portable projector. But, none of this matters if the masses can't afford it. Most of the projector technology remains geared at a very niche market of people who can afford to or are willing to spend 1000s of dollars on a projector. But, the VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro is made for everyone.

With the sale price of just $169.99, the company has made sure that every household can afford to get a projector for their indoor and outdoor entertainment needs. Add the Wccftech-exclusive code "wccftech" to bring the price further down to an unbelievable $149.99 for a limited time.

No more buying separate screens for kids that make them zone out. Buy one projector and have them share its softer display, giving yourself full control over the content. Arrange sports parties or watch wedding movies, the VANKYO Leisure 470 Pro is the dream come true for any family entertainer and party planner.

Head over to the official website to learn more about this brilliant little product. Or, buy it directly from BestBuy; don't forget to check the amazing reviews it has been getting in the short time since its release!


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