New Version of The Witcher 3 Less Hardcore Enhanced Edition Mod Released; Makes the Game Even More ‘Pleasant’

Witcher 3 Less Hardcore enhanced edition mod

A new version of the Witcher 3 Less Hardcore enhanced edition mod has been released which offers various fixes and improvements.

Created by modder ‘Fnts’, the Less Hardcore Enhanced Edition Mod offers bug fixes, general overhauls and logic changes to make the game more pleasant. Included is a crossbow overhaul, reworked decoctions logics, toxicity rule changes, armor/poise logic overhauls, whirl/rend balancing, less hardcore food and much more.

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“This mod is a publication of my own taste Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition”, Fnts writes. ”So obviously credit goes to the god of modding, mighty Reaperrz and all the authors of the mods that he used. The goal is to make W3EE less hardcore and more pleasant to play for non ultra hardcore players.”

The latest version of the mod, version 3.30-38, offers adjustments to mutagen and skill slots unlocking so these are more logic. In addition, adjustments to the Gryphon set have been made. We’ve included the change log down below:

  • Version 3.30-38
    • Adjusted mutagen and skill slots unlocking, so that they are more logical - always now first a mutagen slot unlocks, then sequentially skill slots to enhance mutagen. 4th mutagen slot is now opened 5 skill points later, and last skill slot 10 skill points later. 1st mutagen is open from start.
      IMPORTANT! this will not apply in saved games automatically. In order to reset your mutagen and skill slots in existing game you need to:
      1) Remove all mutagens and equipped skills.
      2) Type and enter in console: 'UpdateMutagenSlots()'.
      3) Save game and reload to get rid of missing color on skill trees (nothing should be wrong)

      Gryphon set bonuses nerfed. First one lowered yrden radius increase to 20%, but also restored damage reduction within Yrden trap to 15%. Second one will use 0.5 vigor points for extra cast, but still it will be allowed when having less vigor.

      Fixed a bug that with second gryphon set, alternate cast could be allowed with insufficient vigor.

      Adjusted all witcher gear armor, including starting armor, so that the parameters and resistances are more balanced, consistent and have proper progression. Starting armor upgrade ingredients changed to less demanding.

      Reworked gryphon school swords. Steel sword is a "spellslinger" with bonuses to spell power and vigor regen and penalties to some "physical" stats. But has bonus to crit chance also. Silver sword has elemental damage as it was, but more penalties.

      Adjusted starting swords, steel mostly, so that it is more like easier starting game weapon with stamina cost reduction and penalty of armor piercing and less important at start counter damage.

      Adjusted Thief's relic armor parts, so that they have also piercing resistances.

      Whirl skill balances and more improvement. Armor has also influence on stamina cost. Also attack stamina bonus attribute now applies to whirl to. Base stamina cost of whirl lowered a bit, but also lowered stamina cost reduction with skill level progression.

      Finisher on confused or puppet and alive enemy is not that easy anymore. Requires a critical hit from light attack (back critical hit chance is very high anyway) and also the chance is zero when HP > 75% then progresses as an enemy has lower HP.

      Heavy attacks against confused or blinded enemies have now +20% attack power.

      Reduced penalites for attack spamming (happens when pressing attack when in the middle of existing attack). This is good idea to force player keep the right attack tempo, but the penalties were too harsh.

      Rubedo effect strength reduced by 1/6, to 0.25% healing ration.

The latest version of The Witcher 3 Less Hardcore Enhanced Edition Mod can be downloaded here.

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