The Witcher 3 1.20 Update Gets List Of Not Working Mods, 3 Missable Gwent Cards Are Obtainable In B&W


Yesterday, CD Projekt Red finally released a new The Witcher 3 update, which introduced plenty of new features as well as support for the game's final expansion, Blood and Wine. Shortly after the release of the update for the PC release of the game, Community Manager Marcin Momot revealed that mods require an update to work with the game's new version, and several users have been doing some tests to see which mods indeed require an update to work with the 1.20 update.

A few hours ago, reddit user nixaw has put together a list of mods that work and don't work with The Witcher 3 1.20 update.

Not Working

Auto loot
Auto Apply Oils
Improved Sign Effects
Jump in Shallow Water
KNG Critical Slow Motion Combat
Enhancement System
Indestructible items
Fast travel from anywhere

Working Mods:

90 000 weight limit
No Talk Icon
No Dirty Lens Effect
Horse Gallop in Cities
HD Reworked Project
Super Turbo Lighting Mod
GILL - Gear improvement lasts longer
Better Trophies
Better Looking Blood
Lore Accurate Geralt
Lore Friendly Ciri

Other users have contributed to the list by revealing that basically all texture mods work without issues. Some of the mods described as non working, such as the Fast Travel mod, have been fixed in some way. Also, a couple of Gwent mods, such as the Gwent Card Dealer and Gwent Deluxe are currently broken, as they remove all Gwent cards in players' possession. These mods have yet to be fixed so avoid using them if you enjoy Gwent and want to continue enjoying it in a current playthrough.

Speaking of Gwent, one user has confirmed something that will make completionists quite happy. According to user dirtyscrub, a Blood and Wine sidequest allows players to obtain three Gwent cards that can only be obtained in the main game during the A Matter of Life and Death quest. If you have yet to obtain all Gwent cards from the base game, now it's the time to do so by playing the Blood and Wine expansion.

The Witcher 3 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's final expansion is also available in all regions and on all formats.