Winner of the Most Marvelous GPU Photo Contest


And with the close of the contest, we have selected our winner after careful debate regarding some of the very finest in photographic skills. Despite there being a tremendous amount of competition (and real competition as well!) our winner has thus been chosen.

Congratulations to Bruce Campbell, the winner of our contest!

It might not be quite the prettiest of photos, but the card itself and the brand are something that evoke memories of times gone by. If I remember my history correctly, BFG is a brand that was founded by some old members of 3Dfx upon their dissolution, creation instead an AIB that catered to NVIDIA. They were very much like what EVGA is, personable and quite approachable. Though they're now in manufacturers heaven, they''re legacy shall live!

So Bruce Campbell, congratulations on a great find and having a such a marvelous GPU to share with us. Old GPU's are fun, even if slightly modern. I wonder if it can play Crysis 3? Anyone up for some benchmarks?