Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 Is Now Out with Some Nice Feature Improvements


Windows Terminal is getting an upgrade with the release of version 1.10 today. Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 brings a Command Palette button in the dropdown, Quake Mode in the system tray, and several other changes and improvements.

Windows Terminal will also be updated to version 1.9 over the next few days. Windows Terminal 1.9 won't bring the default terminal setting and the ability to edit actions using the settings UI as these are still in Preview to address any remaining bugs, the development team wrote.

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Release notes for Windows Terminal 1.10

Command palette button in dropdown

We noticed that the Feedback button inside the dropdown menu was hardly used and we figured this was highly valuable real estate. We decided to change this button to a command palette button to make the command palette more discoverable (because who doesn’t love the command palette? 😉). Clicking this button will launch the command palette just as if you typed Ctrl+Shift+P.

windows terminal 1.9

Quake mode in system tray

When the quake mode window is dismissed, it will now remain inside your system tray. This gives you the option to open your quake window from the tray in addition to typing Win+`. Additionally, after launching the quake window, you no longer need the parent terminal instance running in your taskbar in order to open the quake window again. You can close the taskbar instance of terminal and still have access to your quake window because it’s running inside the tray.

windows terminal 1.9

Bold text

Windows Terminal now displays bold text in the text renderer (Thanks @skyline75489!). We will be adding a setting in the future that lets you configure this functionality.

windows terminal 1.10

Settings UI updates

We continually work to improve the settings UI experience. Here are our latest updates:

User defaults

In the version 1.8 release, we removed base layer from the settings UI. Base layer is the equivalent to the "defaults" section of your settings.json file, which applies settings to all of your profiles. We removed this page because the functionality introduced an architectural conflict with the JSON fragment extensions.

We are currently working on designing a new UI solution and we’ve received some feedback that a page for "defaults" is highly requested in the settings UI. The first step to our solution is adding it back into the settings UI under the name “Defaults”. This new naming matches the syntax used in the settings.json file. The next step in our solution is to design an extensions page to help you manage your JSON fragment extensions. Progress on this new page can be tracked in this issue. Please feel free to give us feedback in the issue as development continues.

Add new actions

Windows Terminal comes with a ton of different actions at your disposal. Most of them include keyboard shortcuts by default and now we’re giving you the ability to add your own keyboard shortcuts without removing existing ones using the settings UI.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • You can now explicitly set your language preference for the terminal. This setting can be found on the Appearance page of the settings UI.
  • The percentage sign is now added to all opacity slider values (Thanks @chingucoding!).
  • You can now close tabs by index (Thanks @ianjoneill!).
  • Font settings can now be represented as an object in your settings.json file.

Bug fixes

  • There should be many fewer crashes (hopefully none 😁) when opening the settings UI.
  • Closing tabs should no longer crash in the terminal.
  • You can now open a new tab using the command line without the terminal dismissing.
  • Default terminal in version 1.10 is much more reliable in 22000.65. Default terminal in 1.10 is not compatible with 22000.51 and 1.9 is not compatible with 22000.65.
  • Performance and reliability improvements.

For more details, head over to the official blog post.

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