Windows Phone To Overcome iOS : Forbes

Sohaib Ahmad

The two most popular OS, Android and iOS may have some competition after all. According to Forbes, Windows phone has the capability to overtake iOS in three years time. This is a bold claim, according to recent statistics WP has evidently increased its market share.

Forbes Claims Microsoft Will Overcome Apple In 3 Years

Recently Microsoft claimed that it had become the second most popular mobile operating system in Latin america. With support from data collected by IDC, WP moved up from the 4th spot to the 2nd. Nokia was the main force behind this huge leap, with Microsoft moving in to buy Nokia things may look even better.

Windows Phone To Overcome iOS

Windows on the desktop is also the most used desktop OS in the world. It has a huge lead over the competition. Microsoft hopes to use this fact to its advantage. Microsoft 'One Windows' program kicks in over here. The name says it all, one windows meaning that the Xbox,WP and Windows be interconnected, i.e be a single entity.

Even now we are seeing Nokia grasping the developing countries by using aggressive pricing. The Lumia 520/525 seem to have the public's attention.

Windows Phone To Overcome iOS

By judging Percentage increase, Windows phone is the most fastest growing mobile OS in the world. Market share displays a different picture. Although at the moment WP has a small global market share, the steady and gradual increase may see it come close to or even overtake iOS.

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