Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace Revealed

Omer Saleem

Microsoft has given a demo of how the Windows Phone 7 Series will connect to the developers for showcasing their work on apps and tools for WP7 Series to consumers. In the likes of Apple iTunes store and Android Marketplace, Microsoft has also made it clear that all the applications and tools will be available through Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace only.

WP7 Marketplace

This move essentially give confirmation of Microsoft being very serious about the Mobile market and would not stay behind its closes rivals in terms of providing content delivery. It is however very interesting to see the interactivity WP7 Marketplace brings to the user and this will make a difference for the users when they come down to choose the OS in future.

Head to Engadget for a cool video of how Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace will work on WP7 devices.

Via: Engadget

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