[How To] Make Windows Phone 7 market work in unsupported regions

Mar 27, 2011 16:30 EDT

Were you in for a rude shock when you got your new Windows Phone 7 only to be greeted by "sorry the market place is not supported in your region" message? Zune Market place is currently supported only in a handful of countries, much less than the number of countries where Windows Phone 7 is available. There is a very easy, albeit for some it might be highly inconvenient, work around for this.

When your turn your phone on for the first time, it asks for your live ID. This is where the problem lies. If your live ID has some other country saved in it, the market place wont work. It's simple as that.  The solution is to make a new live ID and for country choose "United States". Then in your phone chose United States as the region. Voila! You can now access the marketplace. You wont be able to buy any paid applications though unless you have a properly working international credit card. Some users have reported their credit card not working. Since I don't own one I can't say for sure. But for now enjoy the free apps!

P.S Simply changing the country in your existing live account has not worked for many users. But since you can add multiple live IDs to your Windows Phone, you can still continue to use your old ID and use the newer one as a primary one for market place.