Windows Phone 7 market place surpasses 10,000 applications

Well here's a shocker. The OS many wrote off even before its launch has just surpassed the 10k app list. This is faster than any other OS, overtaking Android and iOS. Currently the Windows Phone market place averages around 100 apps per day compared to Apple's 70 apps per day when it reached the 10k mark. The average price of an application on the Windows Phone market place is 2.1$ compared to 3.5$ on Apple. 32% of the apps on WP7 marketplace are free.

At this rate WP7 will surpass RIM in 6 months as far as number of apps is concerned. Windows Phone 7 is adding 3000 apps per month right as of now. It's great to see a new OS doing so well. However what these numbers dont tell you is the quality of apps on the WP7 market place. There is nothing from Google, which includes maps, google talk, google mail etc etc. There is no proper chat application available either like MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc etc. The quality of navigation apps is questionable too. While it's great to see so many apps, I hope Microsoft gives better tools to its developers for making better apps.

Source: WP7applist WPCentral

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