Windows Mobile outsells Windows Phone 7 in Q1 2011

Ammar Malik

For some reason actual sales figures for Windows Phone 7 have been some what of a mystery. Even Microsoft has been reluctant to give any concrete figure and merely gave out the number of devices sold to carriers (not end users). However the people at Gartner have come up with some sales figures and boy, I can understand why Microsoft wasn't so eager to reveal any sales figures. According to Gartner 3.6million Windows branded smartphones were sold in Q1 of which 1.6million are Windows Phone 7. That means Windows Mobile actually outsold Windows Phone 7. Considering there has not been a new Windows Mobile phone for a while now, you have to wonder how little the interest is currently in Windows Phone 7. 1.6 million isn't bad I suppose when you take into consideration Microsoft released WP7 without any multi-tasking, copy-paste, custom ringtones, IM clients, the list can go on and on. Microsoft is scheduled to release an update to WP7 codenamed mango by the end of this year and for all intents and purposes, it will be a make or break scenario for WP7.

Source: Gartner

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