Windows Game Bar Update Adds Spotify, Friends, a Meme Maker, and More


Windows Game Bar is one of Microsoft’s most potentially-useful, yet ultimately neglected, PC gaming features. I’m sure a good portion of you have never even used it – if you game on a Windows 10 system, push the Windows button + G to bring up the game bar, which lets you record footage, take screenshots, and adjust some settings regardless of what launcher (Steam, Epic, etc.) you’re using.

Well, Microsoft has announced they’re improving Windows Game Bar with new features like Spotify, Xbox Live friends integration, and yes, the ability to quickly turn your screenshots into memes. Here’s the full rundown of new Game Bar features:

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Like many of you, music is a very important part of our gaming experience. Now you can easily control music and podcasts on Spotify from the Spotify widget in the Game bar, including play/pause/skip, changing current playback device, and selecting playlists recommended for you by Spotify. You’ll need the Spotify app for Windows installed to take advantage of this new feature, so be sure to get it from the Microsoft Store or

Gallery and Memes

Turn your captured screenshots into memes! During your game, hit Win+G to call up Game bar, open the Capture widget in the Game bar menu, and take a screenshot or video. Once captured you can edit your video and add overlay text to your screenshot in the Game bar gallery. When you have your meme ready, share it with the world right away via Twitter.

Friends, Chat, and Mixer

In the new Xbox Social widget, you can now see what your friends are playing, and you can quickly text them, voice chat them, or watch their Mixer stream all from within the Game bar. The same friends list and communication features work on Xbox One as well as within the Xbox App on iOS, Android and of course Windows 10. Press Win+G at any time to bring up Game bar, send a quick message, and get back into the action without taking your eyes off the game.

Customizable UI

You can now customize Game bar to make the overlay your own. Choose which widgets to show/hide, where you want them located, and even pin specific widgets. Find your own favorite Game bar layout to enhance your gaming experience.

The new Windows Game Bar features are currently in beta. If you’d like to test them out, just download the Xbox Insider Hub and make sure you’re updated to Windows 10 build 17763 or higher.

Any of you folks out there actually use the Windows Game Bar? Will you give it a try now that his it has these new features?