Windows 10 Anniversary Update Starts Getting Finishing Touches with Build 14383


Microsoft is almost done with the development of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but we are still to receive a few builds between now and August 2. Today, the company has released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build. Build 14383 brings no new features, removes the desktop watermark, and fixes some last minute bugs. Following is the complete Windows 10 Insider Preview 14383 changelog for PC and Mobile.

Windows 10 Insider 14383 for PC

The latest Preview has brought in the following improvements and bug fixes for the desktop version of the operating system. Microsoft has confirmed today that those who are seeing the expiration notification don't have to worry about anything, as it is a superfluous dialog and doesn't mean anything. This notification had kept many Insiders worried last week, and is supposed to go away soon. Following are the bug fixes that Windows 10 Insider PC 14383 brings in:

The link to “Get more extensions from the Store” under the Extensions pane in Microsoft Edge now takes you directly to the Store to download available extensions.

We have changed the keyboard shortcut to invoke Cortana in listening mode to Win + Shift + C based on feedback from Insiders experiencing a large number of unintended activations of Cortana while in listening mode. Speaking “Hey Cortana”, when enabled in Cortana Settings, continues to invoke Cortana in listening mode as it always has.

Going forward from this build, updates to the Quick Action area of Action Center will be preserved across upgrades.

We fixed an issue where disconnecting the Surface Book from an external monitor set as primary might result in the Surface Book screen showing in portrait rather than landscape until having detached and reattached the screen.

We fixed an issue where the Settings app was showing media controls in the taskbar preview window.

We fixed an issue where dragging the file comparison or manage library dialogs between two monitors with different DPIs would result in the dialog content no longer displaying correctly.

We fixed an issue where the checkmark used to indicate a selected state in app bar toggle buttons wasn’t visible in high contrast, for example in the Photos menu under “…”.

We fixed an issue where connecting to a PC using Remote Desktop when a maximized window is immediately behind the Remote Desktop dialog would result in the subsequent the Credential UI window being displayed behind the maximized window.

We fixed an issue where, with certain monitor configurations, Explorer.exe would hang after a tooltip is displaying.

We fixed an issue resulting in certain Bluetooth mice, such as the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse, sometimes accelerating erratically when moving the cursor across the screen.

We fixed an issue where on certain webpages in Microsoft Edge when Narrator was in Scan mode and going line by line through a list of hyperlinks, Narrator wouldn’t announce the fact that these were hyperlinks.

We fixed an issue with certain websites potentially causing a memory leak and becoming unresponsive in Microsoft Edge when the LastPass extension had been enabled.

Windows 10 Insider 14383 improvements for Mobile

We have improved battery performance for those who tend to quickly turn the screen on and off in order to look at the Lock screen.

We fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge where zooming in and out of embedded maps could sometimes result in the map jumping to an unexpected location.

We fixed an issue resulting in volume mute not working on certain devices, such as the Lumia 640, when playing YouTube videos that use the OPUS audio codec.

We fixed an issue where if you are connected to a car via Bluetooth that supports it, tapping “End Call” on the car’s console wouldn’t work while an incoming text was being announced.

We fixed an issue resulting in not being about to make Store purchases using mobile operator billing when using an Orange SIM.

We fixed an issue resulting in Groove sometimes unexpectedly pausing music after music has manually been paused and resumed.

We fixed an issue resulting in the keyboard sometimes outputting @ and € instead of “a” and “e” for certain languages in Windows Phone 8.1 apps.

We fixed an issue resulting in many Windows Phone 8.1 games seeming to play in slow motion on certain devices, such as the Lumia 535.

We fixed an issue where notifications received while the screen was off didn’t take into consideration the proximity sensor, resulting in the screen turning on to display the notification while in pockets, potentially leading to accidental screen presses.

We fixed an issue where Visual Voicemail setup wouldn’t appear after hard resetting the device.

We fixed an issue resulting in tiles pinned from within apps sometimes being blank and not falling back to show the app name within the tile. Also fixed an issue where “SIM 2” title was missing from pinned Messaging and Phone tiles for the second SIM.

We fixed an issue resulting in incorrect Start screen scaling after switching from Continuum/Extended Desktop to Mirrored/Duplicated screen on devices with a non-default DPI.

We fixed an issue resulting in there sometimes being a delay when showing the missed call count on the Phone app Live tile.

For more details, visit the official announcement.