Microsoft Last Windows; Windows 10 To Come With 7 Editions


With the surprising news earlier that Windows 10 would be the last iteration in the company's operating system, it also signaled a shift in strategy over at Microsoft with Redmond also announcing plans for Windows 10 to be a service model. In fact, ever since we've started to receive news related to the final iteration in Microsoft's operating system, Windows 10 has increasingly been about Microsoft changing things, both from the new and the old.

Windows 10 To Have Seven Editions In Total - From Home To Education

Looks like Microsoft wants to provide every category of its customers a unique experience when it comes to Windows 10. The software giant has announced today that Windows 10 will be available in seven editions that will end up covering different categories of users ranging from Home to education. To start from the basics, Windows 10 will come with a Home edition that will include changes to accommodate the needs of everyday users. It'll include features such as Microsoft Edge (Spartan's official name) and others.

A Pro edition will be catering towards the needs of business users with periodic updates that will be based around specific needs. Windows 10 will also have an Enterprise Edition, an Education edition and an Internet of Things edition with each variant customized according to the needs of respective users. Since Windows 10 is going to be cross platform, smartphone users will also have access to two different editions of Windows, based on need. The first, targeted towards everyday users will be Windows 10 Mobile, and the second, dubbed as Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will be licensed to business for use in enterprise environments.

On the operating system's release date, Microsoft's planning to launch Windows 10 officially sometime around this summer. As for its future, according to Microsoft’s Tony Prophet, "Starting this fall, customers can expect ongoing innovation and security updates for their Windows 10 devices, including more advanced security and management capabilities for businesses." Sounds interesting. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think in the comments section.