Another Windows 10 2020 Preview Is Out for Skip Ahead Insiders

Rafia Shaikh
windows 10 20h1 windows 10 2020

Microsoft has started releasing another Insider preview build from the 20H1 branch due for public release in early 2020. Windows 10 20H1 preview Build 18850 is available to Insiders who opted in to the Skip Ahead ring.

As a reminder, Microsoft is currently also working on Windows 10 1903 preview builds, which will be released to the public in April this year. After that, the Windows maker has to release another Windows 10 version by the end of this year before actually releasing Windows 10 2020. However, the company said that some things in Windows 10 2020 "require a longer lead time."

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Here's everything that is new and fixed with Windows 10 2020 preview build 18850

Snip & Sketch version 10.1901.10521.0

As some of you may have already noticed, we’re in the process of rollout out a new app update to Skip Ahead. It includes a number of fixes based on your feedback, among which are:

  • We fixed an issue that could result in snips being a bit blurry after saving or copying to clipboard.
  • We fixed an issue where copying to clipboard would fail if you switched out of the app while the copy operation was in progress.
  • We fixed an issue where the suggested file name was unexpectedly a GUID for snips opened from Win + Shift + S toast.
  • We’ve added Narrator (screen reader) confirmations when a snip is copied to clipboard.
  • We’ve updated the default save format to be png. You can still use the dropdown when saving to pick your desired format if it’s not png.
  • We fixed an issue where auto-copy changes to clipboard wasn’t working on return from Snip & Sketch settings.
  • We fixed an issue where the app might crash if you closed two app windows one after another.
  • We fixed an issue where the default save file location was documents rather than pictures. In fixing this we also fixed an issue where when saving the save dialog wouldn’t remember where you last saved a snip.

The rollout of this app is not tied to the upgrade, so you may see it outside the bounds of this flight.

The build also includes a number of general bug fixes and improvements, along with a few known issues. For more details on those, head over to the official blog post.

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