Improved Start Menu and Refreshed Icons – Windows 10 Keeps Getting Better


Windows 10 preview build 10558 leaked over the weekend showing several refinements and feature enhancements. These improvements include new Messenger and Skype Video apps, tab previews in the Edge browser, and the ability to install apps to different drives (instead of "This PC") among other features. While these features have received a lot of attention, Microsoft has also made small tweaks to the Start menu and redesigned some more icons.

Windows 10 improved Start context menu and icons:

Windows 10 build 10558 brings a minor but very aesthetically pleasing enhancement in the Start menu. Leaked over the weekend, the preview build shows a redesigned context menu that appears when you right-click on a tile in the menu. While not a major feature, this new context menu is less cryptic when it comes to different tile sizes as it now shows the layouts right next to the text of the tiles.

windows start menu

Apart from making the improvements to the Start menu, there are also several icons that have been refreshed in this leaked build. Shown below are some of the redesigned icons, including a new icon for the Registry Editor, and some new sound icons.

Microsoft keeps working to improve its new Windows 10 as is apparent in the recent builds sent out to the Insiders and those that have been unofficially leaked. Windows 10 is set to receive its first major, non-patch update sometime in November bringing in more feature enhancements and improvements that will be seen throughout the operating system. Microsoft is taking the stage in the New York City tomorrow where we expect to hear more about the new updates and features coming to the Windows 10.

New Lumia flagship smartphones, long-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and a new Band are some of the expected products among several other announcements set for tomorrow. Google is also rumored to be invited tomorrow on stage to reveal Google Apps for Windows 10.

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Correction: This post talks about features of leaked Windows 10 build 10558. Build no. was mistakenly published as 10158 in the earlier version of this post.

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