WhatsApp Makes New Additions to Disappearing Messages and Focuses on Privacy


WhatsApp is more or less the most popular messaging app that we can think about, and honestly, such a service has more or less revolutionized the messaging landscape, and we are looking at more and more features now. Disappearing messages were introduced to WhatsApp months ago, and the platform has now decided to take things further by adding a new option that lets you make disappearing messages turned on by default. This new change is in addition to a new feature that now offers multiple timer durations for the feature.

WhatsApp Wants You to Have More Control Over Disappearing Messages with the Latest Update

WhatsApp announced on their blog post, and the platform stated how it is bringing new changes to the Disappearing Messages feature. At the moment, the tool does not stop from taking screenshots of conversations or storing them somewhere else outside the app; it only automatically deletes the message from WhatsApp after a specific time has passed. Initially, users only had the option to set the duration to 7 days. The company has now rolled out two new durations to choose from, 24 hours and 90 days.

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In addition to the new durations, WhatsApp also allows users to enable the feature for all new chats by default; this also includes groups. Initially, you could only enable this feature in a chat manually. By turning on the default Disappearing Messages, you will not have to turn on the feature with each of your contacts. It is also essential to know that at the moment, there is still no way to prevent other users from keeping records of the chat as it will only limit what others can view from your chat history if they have physical access to your device. The changes are currently available on the iOS and Android versions of the app, and it is a gradual rollout. If you have not received the new update, you should be seeing it soon.

I have not used Disappearing Messages ever since it was released, but I am sure there is an audience that can benefit from this new change. Let us know what you think.