WhatsApp Could Soon Allow Users to Transfer Chats to a Different Phone Number

Furqan Shahid
WhatsApp Could Soon Allow Users to Transfer Chat to a Different Phone Number

WhatsApp is getting more and more convenient for users around the world. The service might be getting an update that will allow you to have chat migration and chat syncing across multiple devices, for starters. Now, we have our hands on new information that could suggest how the service might let users transfer their chats to a different phone number, a feature that has been unavailable on WhatsApp since the start.

The information is coming from a reliable WhatsApp leaker WABetaInfo, and they have reported that WhatsApp will let you transfer chats to a different phone number. This is good because if you change your number right now and register it on WhatsApp, you will lose all the previous chat, which means that your phone needs to have the same number. This news is good because we also have rumors that WhatsApp is testing Android to iOS migration, and this new feature will make things even better.

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WABetaInfo shared a screenshot with us that shows the feature from the iOS-Android migration tool, but if you look closely, there is also an option that will allow you to transfer your chats to a new number. However, at the moment, it shows that you cannot just go ahead and start the migration at any time, as the feature is only going to work if you are linking a new Android phone to your WhatsApp. However, considering how this feature is still in testing, this might change in the future.

Along with the chat, WhatsApp will also migrate your media files to a different number. WABetaInfo has reported that the feature is currently under development for Android and iOS and should be available soon. This also means that we can expect some changes to come along the way, but at the moment, it is hard to tell what those changes are going to be.

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