WhatsApp Call Feature To Roll Down On iPhone In Coming Weeks

Whatsapp has not surprised us with its recently launched voice calling feature in android in android which is currently in the testing phase. Whatsapp first announced its arrival at a Mobile World Congress event in February 2014. Now, more then a year passed away, Whatsapp Co-founder, Brian Acton pledged that the voice calling feature will be updated for iOS users in the coming weeks.

We have a hunch that voice calling on Whatsapp is closing in fast since its being tested on android for the past few months. According to Acton, Whatsapp team has refined the way voice calling works previously, even before rolling it out to android. Acton ensured best voice call feature traits for 700 million users and maybe this what kept us waiting. However, final details have not yet been announced and when Acton was asked about the final release date, the vague response coined 'several weeks'.

Whatsapp Voice Call Feature To Arrive In iOS Several Weeks

A lot of internet messaging applications like Viber and Skype already pre-exist which have the same likes as that of Whatsapp. With such an ample number of active users at its door. Whatsapp is among the leading IM apps to rest aside without the voice call feature and eventually the number will out grow other applications with the voice call characteristics.

We got some screenshots of Whatsapp running on iPhone which seems to have been taken on a jailbroken iPhone. The screenshots looked aligned with the one month old leaks showing a melted UI with the original theme. On rhe jailbroken iPhone, Whatsapp seemed to be running a beta version v2.11.17.444 surfacing the voice call feature. The controls offered on the leaks showed the Mute, Speaker and Message options present while the call feature was in operation. Since the current version of Whatsapp is 2.11.16, the next update could mark the arrival of the voice call feature intact.

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WhatsApp leaked images
WhatsApp voice calling feature

Another benefit that consumers might expect would be the calling service to be absolutely free after you have paid the yearly subscription fee of $0.99. Whatsapp designed the voice call feature to be advantageous for those living in the third world countries where 3G data connections are not available. Even though the final date is not announced, it still feels good to know the voice call feature is on its way. That's all for now folks, leave a comment down below and tell us how you feel about the voice call feature yet to be updated on Whatsapp.

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