What to Look for When Purchasing a Refurbished Smartphone? Follow These Guidelines to Make Your Life Easier

What to Look for When Purchasing a Refurbished Smartphone? Follow These Guidelines to Make Your Life Easier

Premium flagships are not what they used to be when it comes to pricing as with each year, phones are getting slightly better and forcing manufacturers to stamp ridiculously high price tags on them.

A majority of the time, a refurbished smartphone is the route for the customer to enjoy a device as their daily driver without compromising the ‘green’ contents of their wallet. However, these customers still make a significant number of mistakes when buying such a device. We have provided some useful tips and guidelines that will make this purchasing ordeal less gruesome for you.

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To find out what is a refurbished smartphone, we recommend that you read up on what a certified refurbished smartphone is. While there is no harm in purchasing a device that belongs to this category, it is important that you know the differences between a brand new handset, a used one, and a certified refurbished one.

According to Consumer Reports, the tech review website states that you should ensure you are really buying a phone that has been refurbished, and not a phone that has been refreshed and packed. It also states that consumers tend to buy refurbished phones from big companies. For instance, Apple’s refurbished phones have the same components that you would find on the brand new devices.

The company’s rival in the smartphone race, Samsung also sells pre-owned models which are fixed up completely and come with a new pair of headphones and charger when they are sold as refurbished devices.

Do Refurbished Smartphones Offer Warranty? It Will Vary Where You Purchase the Device From

Samsung and Apple give you the same warranty on refurbished models as they give for their brand new devices. In contrast, retailers like Amazon and Best Buy only give a 90-day warranty when you purchase a refurbished phone from them. If you are camp iOS, go for Apple’s refurbished phones and if you prefer pre-owned Android handsets, Samsung’s refurbished lineup is also a safe route.

However, just because a phone is refurbished, doesn’t necessarily mean it would come cheap. For example, the refurbished 32GB iPhone 7 costs $499 on Apple’s website, which means you will just save 7 percent of the price of the new phone. A refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 edge costs $399.99, meaning that this is 30 percent cheaper than a brand new phone, which costs $569.99.

Third-party Sellers Also Offer an Ideal Gateway to Purchasing a Refurbished Smartphone

Another excellent way to snag a good deal is to look for a third-party retailer. They specialize in the niche of refurbished smartphones. However, there is a catch here; the cheaper the phone, the more chances that you purchased a potato for a handset. However, reputed third-party sellers will detail the blemishes present and problems plaguing the smartphone before selling it to you, so you will also have to look out for such valuable information.

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