Whales Are Falling From the Sky in GTA V


GTA V has been a raging success on all platforms since it was released nearly three years ago. And now that it's on the PC, we can enjoy the benefits that that platform includes, like mods. Specifically, whales.

GTA V teaches us what happens if whales rain down on us from the sky. Explosions and fire.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if instead of good ol' h2o, instead precipitation came in the form of whales? Well, even if you hadn't, thanks to Merfish, we now know exactly what happens. It turns out that these mammoth sea mammals have a penchant for destruction.

Dropping to the Earth like a 30 ton (average weight of a sperm whale) missile only to cause cars and people alike to burst into flames. No, they aren't friendly at all. So hide in the nearest basement and don't go outdoors until this epidemic is finally over.

The greatest advantage that the PC has over it's console brethren, aside from graphical prowess, is the ability to create you own assets and include them in games. Not all games support mods, but it seems an increasing amount do. And while Steam was trying to get you to pay for user-created mods, that thankfully didn't stick. The modding community is known for adding a tremendous amounts of functionality to games as well as creating some very strange concoctions.

Games are sometimes kept alive due to the commitment and efforts of the community. X-Wing Alliance has even been the recipient of an HD upgrade thanks to hard working and dedicated fans over at the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade site.

And this is just one more great example of the silly and fanciful things one can do if they set their mind to it. This particular mod was created by Merfish with the Script Hook modding utility, which has been updated recently to support GTA V.

What are everyones favorite mods so far for GTA V? Is anyone here the creator of something truly awesome we should see?