New Webm of Project Beast Surface, Game Looks Beast

Project Beast is code name for From Software's next game that is supposedly coming to the PS4. There were some screenshots of the game a few days earlier which definitely looked very legitimate and these Webm's certainly don't like something someone threw together in photoshop, so there is no need to take these with a grain of salt or skepticism. So far, Project Beast looks like a real beast and is definitely shaping up to look like a Souls game ... WITH A SHOTGUN!

Have you ever wished to see a Souls game would change the setting / protagonist? For how long have we been restricted to Swords and Shields? What if we give the principles of a Souls game to a modern setting such as a protagonist in a cloak, a hat and bearing a shotgun? Could this be a formula for success? So far the graphics do appear impressive and there is even strong evidence to suggest the likelihood of actually being a new Souls game because one of the webm's shows the fog gate transition.

New Webm of Project Beast Surface, The Game is DEFINITELY Real. So Be Prepared to Die ... in Next Gen!

Project Beast is a game that will surely steal your attention, while the game has to get an official confirmation we have seen the appearance of it in 4 webm videos courtesy of the people over at /v/. (yes, I know 4chan isn't the best source but see the videos before you judge)

Not a fan of Webm's? Have some Gyf's!

As you can see, the running animations, the giant boss and the fog gate transition are strong indicators of the likelihood of this game being the next installment in the Soul series of games is speaking volumes. Even though the source of these videos was some boastful chap over at 4chans /v/ section, you have to admit that there is no way anyone can make up these kind of graphics, right? I mean this isn't a Half-Life 3 poster or something made in paint, the quality looks too good to be fabricated.

For now, I am hoping for a change in scenery in the Souls games, I started feeling redundant at the end of Dark Souls 2 because of the repeated use of being restricted to weapons we have used time and again and perhaps a rehash of our assets is precisely what we might need for us to take on the new demons in this mysterious realm, right?

What is your opinion on Project Beast so far? What would you name the next Souls game? Dark Souls 3 would be a little predictable.

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