We Wish Apple Sold the Portless Wireless Charging MagSafe Dock it Uses at Apple Stores

Ali Salman
Portless MagSafe Dock

Wires are a thing of the past when we talk about charging or data transfer. Since Apple pays a lot of attention to design and aesthetics, it never seizes to miss the attention to detail. Now, the company has worked on a new solution to display iPhones at its Apple Stores. The new solution highlights a portless MagSafe wireless charging dock that eliminates cable clutter from the desks. In addition, the iPhone stands to greet the customers, which is somewhat innovative and efficient.

Apple Innovates Display RIsers WIth Wireless Charging MagSafe Docks at Apple Stores

Tables in the App Store feature polycarbonate risers that house a row of Lightning connectors, displaying a wide range of iPhone models with their respective details. These risers are surrounded by cables that power the iPhones on display. With the latest innovative solution, Apple has replaced these Lightning docks with MagSafe chargers attached through a stainless steel arm (via 9to5mac). The iPhones are elevated to greet the customers while keeping them charged throughout.

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The iPhone models are positioned in a way that is visually appealing. In addition, the devices are easy to pick up and when customers are done checking them out, they can simply place them back. The wireless charging MagSafe dock will position them in the right way magnetically. The new risers with MagSafe wireless charging capabilities are spotted on the Apple Park Visitor Center.

Portless MagSafe Dock at Apple Store

At this point in time, the risers have not made their way to other stores. In addition to this, the new MagSafe riser design is only compatible with the current iPhone 12 models as previous models do not feature support for MagSafe. Moreover, the risers are only available at the App Stores and not available for purchase.

The new MagSafe risers are pretty great when it comes to utility and we just wish Apple sold them separately. It would have been a nifty accessory and great for the nightstand, Visually appealing aspect aside, the cable clutter would not be missed either.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your views with us in the comments.

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