We Might See More Samsung Exynos Chips in Galaxy Phones Next Year


Samsung usually goes for Qualcomm or its in-house chips whenever they are going for high-end smartphones. With regions like America and China getting the Snapdragon variants and the international variants getting the Exynos models.

Samsung's WAnt to Fix the Issues with Exynos Chipsets and Put Them in More Phones Next Year

According to a report from ET News, Samsung Electronics is pushing to "raise the proportion" of Exynos chipsets in Galaxy phones from 20% to between 50% and 60%. The outlet also reported that Samsung's LSI division will more than double the shipment of Exynos chipsets in 2022. An industry source also told the outlet that Samsung had addressed two key Exynos issues with the next generation of chipsets.

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I know that the 5G communication and heat issue, which were the most problematic issues in Exynos, have been resolved in the next production.

Additionally, the outlet reports that the push for more Exynos chipsets will also apply to mid-range and low-end smartphones. Most of Samsung's recent budget phones have been powered by Snapdragon or Mediatek chipsets. So, it is evident that Samsung can see some tremendous growth there.

Samsung has released some friendly mid-range chipsets in the past, but they never really made their way into the budget or mid-range Samsung smartphones. Take Exynos 1080, for example; the chipset never made its way to any Samsung phone.

There could be a lot of reasons behind this push for Samsung. However, we are already aware that Samsung, along with other smartphone manufacturers, is going through a massive chip shortage that has affected companies worldwide. Perhaps by shifting their focus more on the Exynos chipsets. Samsung could have more control over the production and supply of these chipsets.

Whatever the case is, we will know more about it in the coming months. Let us know what you think of Samsung's decision to use more Exynos chipsets.