We Are Hiring: YouTube Host, Be The Face Of Wccftech TV

Hi everyone, we are looking for someone to be the new face of Wccftech TV. Wccftech is an equal opportunity employer and everyone that meets the eligibility criteria is welcome to apply.

Basic job description:

  • You will be expected to post between 15-20 videos per month (of roughly 3-5 minute duration).
  • You will be expected to handle the entire processing workflow yourself and upload to YouTube in a timely fashion (although equipment will be provided to you on the company's expense and the content for the videos will be given to you as well).
  • This job will typically require roughly 4 hours of commitment on the days you will be posting although this might change during events and special periods.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Native level grasp of the English language.
  • Knowledgeable about PC hardware space.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro or alternative full-stack video editing and compositing tools.
  • You must be able to post at least 15 videos a month (which basically means you need to have a certain amount of free time every day) and ideally up to 20.
  • You must be interested in this role because of your passion as a hardware enthusiast.

Assessment criteria:

  • To apply, please submit a video (minimum 30 seconds) on any recent PC hardware news topic (you can check out a sample video over here). Feel free to take creative liberties and go to town with editing/scripting and other bells and whistles.
  • You must be clearly visible in the video and the clip must be in clear English.
  • The video must include a 'lower-thirds', a transition, picture in picture content and a video sample of a launch/reveal.
  • Upload the 30-second video to YouTube as an unlisted video and fill out the form below.

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