[We Have a Winner!] Wccftech Plays – Come Join Our Stream For a Chance to Win a MGS V: Phantom Pain Code!

[Update] And we're done! The winner is now eagerly awaiting the time that they can pre-load MGS V: The Phantom Pain! Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy our stream. Hopefully we can do this a lot more regularly. Schedules will conflict at times, but we enjoy entertaining our readers. Until next time!

To kick off our use of YouTube gaming as our preferred platform to stream with, we're going to be live today at 1:00PM EST with a viewer contest to win a code for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. YouTube is another excellent way for us to show you games, what we're playing and to discuss gaming and hardware related topics live.

Want to win a game code for MGS V: Phantom Pain? Come join us for our stream!

An extra game code has made it's way into our hands, and we'd love to be able to give back to our readers here. And it's very simple to win. All you have to do is be a part of our stream today starting at 1:00PM EST and a random winner will be selected from the viewer list.

What are we going to be playing today? A little bit of everything! From CSGO to Planetside 2 to Sniper Elite V2. Come hang out, enjoy the (clean) chat while we show you how enjoyable video games can be and give you a chance to win a game code for this years most anticipated game. Or perhaps the most anticipated game ever.


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