[Update] Wccftech Plays – Fallout Friday, Come Shape The Outcome of Fallout New Vegas

[Update] Unfortunately some technical difficulties with my Internet connection prevent a proper connection so as to be able to stream properly and smoothly. Thus Fallout Friday will be delayed until next week. Catch me all next week playing Fallout New Vegas! Until then!

Fallout has become an almost household name, rising up from a cult-like status from the first two to something enjoyed by almost the entire gaming community. It's a phenomena that's surprised the world. And it's one of the first post-apocalyptic games done right.

Would you like to help us play Fallout New Vegas for the first time? Guide the journey through the wasteland in the west(ish)? Come watch, comment and help us explore this most spectacular wasteland.
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Fallout New Vegas, retro-futuristic survival fun

Up until the release of Fallout 4 in December, we'll be hosting regular Fallout Friday's to try to explore some of the post-apocalyptic joy that's come from Bethesda (and Interplay). This is a way to showcase a growing genre, franchise and some of the best moments ever in Fallout history.

Want to help? What kind of shenanigans do you think we can get into out there in this desolate land?

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