Wccftech Finance Recruitment Drive Q3


Hi everyone,

We are looking to expand our Finance section with an aspiring Wccftechian. The details and job description are given below:


  • This is an entry-level position.
  • No experience is required for the application and there are no degree requirements.
  • This is a remote position.

The ideal candidate:

  • We are looking for a finance enthusiast that follows the latest Robinhood-er trends and stock moves (primarily US market) and has enough spare time to write articles on a daily basis for us.
  • The candidate will be expected to track developments in the area of their coverage and put out articles and news stories in a timely manner (a maximum of 2 hours after the story breaks).
  • The candidate ideally follows our finance section already and is aware of our coverage areas.
  • Knowledge of the SPAC industry, EV industry, GME saga, Wallstreetbets, Cryptocurrencies etc would be looked upon favorably.
  • Working knowledge of financial statements and filings.
  • They must be able to write a bare minimum of 1 article per day with an ideal count of 2 articles per day.
  • They must be able to work between 9:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM Eastern. Note: This is a Flexi-time results-based position. For eg: if you can write meaningful, high-quality content within the first hour of your workday, you can sign off for the remaining hours 🙂
  • Candidates must have native-level proficiency in English but we accept applications from all over the world.

Please follow this link to apply.

The author has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. WCCF TECH INC has a disclosure and ethics policy.