Wccftech Deals – Wireless Levitating Speakers and AWS Certifications Oh My!


That delightfully wonderful wirelessly charging Bluetooth enabled magical levitating speaker is still for sale, in fact, I jumped the gun because I too was a bit excited, as it wasn't even released yet! But it's still on sale and worth every penny.

And we also want to help you become an AWS master, because the Amazon Web Services are the wave of the future. Compute masterpieces that a lot of different companies rely on.


Rock out to some great music and become an AWS professional all at the same time.

But what if you wanted to become an Amazon Web Services developing pro while listening to those most magnificent of tunes? While rocking out, you could take that extra motivation to try your hand at learning a fantastic set of skills revolving around the AWS cloud back-end, which can be leveraged for almost anything you wanted. Storage for your mobile app? Check. Back end compute for that same app? Check. Need to enable a dynamic cloud-based and massive storage back-end? Check. Get a bundle of 105 different lectures on how to be awesome, for only $19.99.

And that sweet levitating speaker? Sure, it's actually the result of magnetic repulsion and a careful balancing act, but floating things are still damn cool. $139.95 in our store gets you a floating and wirelessly recharging speaker. If you need to take it on the go to entertain away from the magical dock, then it's as simple as catching it in mid-air and taking it with!