Wccftech Deals – VoCore: Mini Linux Computer and Linux Learner Bundle


Mini computers are more than just cute, they can be tremendous learning tools and good opportunities to play around with new things. The best part is that these miniature devices are sometimes much more than meets the eye and also usually inexpensive. And none are more inexpensive than the VoCore mini Linux computer, especially at $39.

Mini Linux Computer

Learning Linux the Easy Way

This minuscule machine can be your next router, with OpenWRT already installed, or you can strive to make it something more. What, you might ask? That's entirely up to you, and to help you learn we've got a Linux Learner Bundle for only $49Five courses designed to teach you about how absolutely awesome Linux can be, getting you familiar with that magical command line interface and even with the different capabilities of the Linux kernel.

VoCore Mini Linux PC:

  • Works on open-source hardware
  • Provides up to 20 GPIO lines
  • Runs OpenWRT Linux
  • Includes an on-board Wi-Fi adapter so you don’t need an external one
  • Easily connects to peripheral devices
  • Small size enables it to act as an embedded system
  • Extends Ethernet & USB interfaces w/ the Dock
  • Operates as a fully functional 2.4GHz Wi-Firouter
  • Acts as a general purpose low-power COM for IoT applications
  • Includes full hardware design & full-source code
  • Integrates a 802.11n MAC, baseband, radio, FEM & 5-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch

And those five excellent Linux Learner courses, taught by Udemy:

  • Learn Linux in 5 Days
  • Learning Ubuntu Linux Server
  • Learn to Run Linux Servers From Scratch
  • Learn to Run Linux Servers Part 2
  • Pentester Certification Course

Note: Needs stable power input; 5.0V USB phone charger recommended. High temperature or static electricity will cause permanent damage. Solder maximum is 260C at 6 seconds.