Wccftech Deals: Unity3D Developer Bundle Course

Jeff Williams

The inner developer inside of you is calling out, willing you to learn. Take the reigns and just do it! Listen to the advice of Shia LaBeouf and take control of your desire to learn how to make video games with the help of seven valuable courses designed to help you learn at a steady pace. $49 for seven in depth courses from Udemy to start making your own game with Unity3D.


Unity3D developer bundle 91% off the original price of $573.

Unity3D is gaining a good amount of traction, being usable on all major platforms now, even being an option for Nintendo's 3DS. It's adaptable, has a high degree of customization and is free for personal use. Learning how to make games can be a good way to learn programming in general, too.

7 courses

  • Make Your First Video Game Today with Unity3D
  • The Complete Beginner's Guide to Unity Game Development
  • Mobile Game Development with Unity3D
  • Learn to Build a 3D Puzzle Game with Unity
  • Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 1
  • Make Your Own FPS without Code Using Unity & Playmaker
  • Learn to Build Mobile Games Using Unity3D

Over 47+ hours of content and lectures to get you started. Are you ready for the challenge?

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