Enhance The Camera App In Your iPhone With These Great Tips!

From taking selfies to becoming Instagram famous, cameras have always been a part of our daily routine. The advancement in technology has caused the cameras in our smartphones to go far in a short period of time. Just recently, Sundance Film Festival accepted a short film shot by the iPhone 5S. However, though these cameras have become insanely good, there's always room for improvement.

If you’re still rolling the iPhone 5S, the one feature you miss is the autofocus which is already present in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Lucky for you if your iPhone is Jailbroken, it will enable you to get these features easily. Moreover we’ll show you a faster way to change front and rear camera.

iPhone 6 Electronic Image StabilizationIt happens a lot when some objects in your snap are blurred out and you have no other way to fix it. Emphasizing this point, Apple has introduced new technology specifically designed to eliminate this issue. Focus Pixels and continuous are two advancements that Apple intends to use to eradicate the blurred images. The focus pixels are designed to specifically keep every object in focus without you – manually trying to focus every part of the screen. Although they may not be present in the iPhone 5S or lower, but users of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus end up enjoying remarkable picture quality.


This is where we kick in to help, if your iPhone 5S is jailbroken, you can get this feature in your Camera app in the form of a tweak that will have an effect similar to focus pixels and continuous autofocus. The tweak is called AFVideo by the developer, PoomSmart. Its available for free on Cydia and after you have installed it, there is no need to configure, everything is preset and ready to roll. Just open your iPhone camera app and enjoy the tweak.

iphone camera tweak
iphone camera tweak

TapTapFlip Camera Switcher

If you want to switch your camera from rear to front or front to rear in a jiffy, the TapTapFlip tweak is the thing you need. All you have to do is double tap on the screen anywhere and presto! The cameras are switched. Its available on Cydia for free, so do give it a spin. The configuration of this tweak is the same as that of AFVideo, just install it and its available in your stock camera app. Note - The focus feature will still be on by a single tap and tapping it twice would shift the camera.

iphone camera tweak
iphone camera tweak

Do let us know which of these tweaks is more enjoyable in the comments. Cheers!

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